5/8 vs 3/4 Inch Garden Hoses Comparison

I think every household has at least one garden hose.

It is one of the most used tools in garden and yard care. I can not imagine life without it, because it does all the work. Starting with washing the pathways, and ending with watering my flowers and plants. 

After my hose started leaking, I decided to get a new one.

I thought why not, it’s an easy task. Yet, when I went to the store, all those that were hanging on the racks looked the same.

The main difference between 5/8 and 3/4 hose in diameter is the water flow volume. Additionally, they are different in weight and they also come in different prices. 

If you have the same issue and do not know which one to choose, 5/8 or 3/4 garden hose, then this article below will help you to make the right decision. 

Water Pressure levels 

The most significant difference between the 5/8 and 3/4 garden hoses is their different water pressure. The pressure is the strength of water that comes out from the end of the hose. The hose that has a smaller diameter has a narrow entrance for the water. Therefore, it provides a more limited water stream and higher pressure.

In our case, the 5/8 diameter hose provides a smaller diameter and higher pressure. The larger hose, which is 3/4 inch, has a bigger diameter. Therefore a larger water stream is provided and considerably lower pressure. 

So, which one is better? The 5/8 or 3/4 garden hose? It is difficult to say because it depends on many factors, starting with the length of the hose and ending with the material. Additionally, which to choose is also a matter of its use. If you want to connect the hose to the irrigation system or the sprinkler, you will need it to have high pressure, therefore a smaller diameter. 

Yet, If you plan to use the hose to wash the driveway and the car, the larger will be better because you will have higher water volume. 

Water Volume Difference

To determine how the water volume changes when using either a 5/8 or 3/4 garden hose, it is also important to consider the length. As already mentioned above, the diameter greatly affects the volume. Additionally, the distance the water has to go in the hose impacts its output rate. 

The water pressure in the average house is typically around 40 PSI. When using the 5/8 diameter hose, the water does not come out in wide pipes. Yet, the 3/4 inch hose has a higher water volume per minute, and therefore, it comes with a large pathway. 

So, now let’s discuss the water hose with different lengths. Note that this data is during the peak flow. 

25-Foot Garden Hose

The 25 feet long garden hose with a diameter of 5/8 inch will have 44 gallons of water output in one minute. 

If the hose has a diameter of 3/4 inch and its length is 25 feet, the average output will be around 72 gallons of water in one minute. 

100-foot Garden Hose

As for the 100 feet garden hose, when the diameter is 5/8 inch and the hose has a length of 100 feet, the average water output will be 11 gallons in one minute. 

When the diameter is 3/4 inch, and the length is 100 feet, the average output will be around 19 gallons in one minute. 

This data tells us that if you need a longer water hose, up to 100 feet. Then it will be better to choose the one with a diameter of 3/4 inch. This will also give you better pressure. If you use the 4/8 feet hose in such a case, it can lead to water loss and will take more time.

Cost Difference Of 5/8 And 3/4 Garden Hose

As for the cost, the 3/4 inch garden hoses have higher prices than the ones with diameters of 5/8 inches. The price difference is caused by the need for more tubing materials and bigger-end connectors.

Additionally, the material that is used in the product also affects the price. One thing to note, the 3/4 inch diameter hose is way heavier than the one with a diameter of 5/8 inches. 

Comparison Of 5/8 And 3/4 Garden Hose 

Above, we discussed in detail what each hose type does and how it works. Now, let’s compare them by listing the features each hose comes with:

5/8 Garden Hose

● Comes with a smaller water volume level and less output. 

● Less heavy in comparison to the 3/4 inch hose and easy to carry around. 

● Because it is less heavy and has a smaller diameter, easier to store, and does not take up much room.

● In comparison to a 3/4 inch garden hose, the price is lower.

3/4 Garden Hose

● Comes with a higher amount of water volume and overall output. 

● Heavier in comparison to the 5/8 water hose.

● More durable and has a low probability of bending and kinking. 

● Because of the material, it has a higher cost. 

● High water pressure makes it possible even to aim the water uphill.