Are Garden Hoses Recyclable? (10+ Ideas for New Uses)

Last week, I was peacefully walking around my yard and watering my beautiful roses. Then, I noticed that my garden hose was leaking, not from one but several holes. I don’t even remember when I bought it, it was a long time ago. 

So I immediately started wondering, are garden hoses recyclable? I did some research and read some articles. I found out that garden hoses can not be recycled.

Yet, in this article, Let’s explore tips and tricks of reusing old garden hoses to give them new life.

Genius Uses For Old Garden Hoses

We already answered the question- “are garden hoses recyclable?” As we know, it is not possible to recycle them. They also are very harmful to the environment. 

Even more, if somebody tries to recycle the garden hose, it can clog machines and recycling mechanisms. They are not regular plastic and are made of semi-recyclable materials.

Wondering what semi-recyclable means? Well, if we decide to recycle garden hoses, then we have to take them apart. Get each component out, and then recycle each of them separately. This is impossible to do. 

That is why I started exploring the idea of reusing old garden hoses. Giving a second life to things that are no longer usable otherwise, can be both fun and beneficial for the environment. 

Many things can be made from garden hoses. You just need an imagination and a desire to try.

So, here are several genius uses of old garden hoses. 

Fixing Old Garden Hose

First of all, If there are several holes or leaks in a garden hose, Those can be fixed easily with some tape and very strong glue.  

There is also another thing that my neighbor taught me. He said to cut the damaged portion out. Then get ends together and reattach them. I was like, is this even possible? And then he told me that there are special hose pipe connectors, which can be found in any store. 

So I went to the store and got the pipe connectors, some glue, and tape. Quite a strange combination, right? And I fixed my hose. It has been working perfectly since then. (hope it will keep being that way. 

Yet, I still kept looking for some ideas since I had some old hoses in the shed. Don’t know why I kept them, but I had hoped to find some use. So, here is the next DIY idea. 

Old Garden Hose Drip Irrigation

If a garden hose has too many holes in it, it can be turned into a soaker hose. All you need to do for this is to put more holes in it. This is especially useful if you have a little greenhouse or a backyard garden. 

Once you release water, it goes into the hose and comes out from the pipe holes. Water is gently released and provides essential hydration for plants. It will soak all outdoor plants and greenery well and will keep the soil moist. 

Swingset Chain Protector

Garden hoses are typically pretty thick in texture and can be great chain protectors. This is a good idea especially if you have kids. The chain often pinches and hurts little fingers. 

To do a chain protector, you can simply cut the hose from the ends and put little tubes on the chain. This is smart and also comfortable because you can choose the length. 

Plant’s Support

Parts of old garden hoses can be used as a plant’s support. This can be especially helpful for larger plants. Garden hoses are much better in this case than strings and ropes. Typically, as the plant grows, strings and ropes cut the stems. Using garden hoses is a safe option in this case. 

In addition to that, it can also be used as a suspender. For example, you can secure tree limbs to encourage them to grow upright.

Bucket Handles

Turns out, it is also possible to make bucket handles from garden hoses. Typically, buckets come with thin handles. When holding, it can hurt the hands. By putting part of the garden hose on the grip, you will make a soft and not sharp surface.

Arts And Crafts

Unlike me, if you are good at arts and crafts, you can create interesting things with old garden hoses. For example, you can cut them to build unique sculptures. Some people even use it to design garden benches. How cute are the small, garden hose fences around the plants? 

Other Creative Things to Make Use Out of Garden Hoses

Did you read all the ideas above and still need something else? Here are some creative things that could be made out of old garden hoses: 

  • Dog Chew Toys
  • Blate protector
  • Doorstops

And many, many more… 

So, are garden hoses recyclable? No, but, you can give it a second life. Old garden hoses can be reused in countless ways.