FlexiHose Review – Ultimate No-Kink Flexible Hose!?

When it comes to choosing a good expandable hose, there are not many options. It will be tempting to buy the hose that is the cheapest in the market. However, it is in the small differences that differentiate between the good and the bad hose.

The garden hose that you buy should be long lasting and not easily rot, crack or leak. Repairing these defects will also result in spending extra money. The FlexiHose Upgraded Expandable Garden Hose comes with lifetime replacement guarantee which is great.

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Things to Consider Before Buying

The length of garden hoses vary somewhere between 25 foot and 100 foot. Though you might want to buy a 100 foot hose to make watering around your garden easy, we would recommend that you choose one that is 25 foot. This way it will not be more heavy, will require less space and will be easy to drain.

The diameter of hose is fixed to measure the inside diameter of the hose. This is why the 8 pattern hose will come in handy. It will suit all our requirements and can be used for multiple purposes. From watering the garden to washing your car, it will be able to help you will all your watering needs.

In the beginning rubber was considered to be the best option for hose. However, with development in technology, the FlexiHose Upgraded Expandable 50 FT Garden Hose consists of solid brass fitting that makes expanding and contracting of the hose when there is flow of water.

The burst pressure of the garden hose gives an estimate of the pressure it is able to withstand. You will have to check the manual for pressure before you buy the hose.

You have to test the flexibility of the hose before you settling for it. You can do this with the help of kink test which will show if the hose is flexible or not. If the hose kinks the chances of it splitting is high and might reduce the lifespan of your hose.

FlexiHose Features

There are a lot of great features when it comes to expandable hoses. For one they are very lightweight, unlike the heavier metal garden hose but with this comes some disadvantages, which we will look at as well.

No-kink and Lightweight: You can bid the days good-bye when you had to carry a huge vinyl and rubber garden hose. You can replace it with this lightweight and non-tangible hose that is easy to carry around. It will not kink or tangle, making it comfortable and easy to use.

Controlling: The hose is built with 3/4 inch brass connectors and strong double latex piping, making sure that there is no whiff of leakage. It also provides the facility to shut-off the valve with your fingers. You can also use the 8-setting nozzle that comes with it for multiple-purposes such as spraying off muddy boots, watering potted plant and much more.

Expanding and Contracting: When you turn on the water, the hose will start expanding to three times its length, providing a good 50 feet length. When the water is turned off, the length of the hose will reduce back to its original measurement of 17 feet making it compact and easy for storage.

Advantages of FlexiHose?

This hose is so good that the company provides lifetime replacement guarantee. This shows the level of quality with which the hose is built. This means that if there is any issue with your hose or if you require any replacement, it will be done free of cost.

All you have to do is contact them and they will expedite a new one. In case they fail to do so, they will refund the amount that you paid, in full.

An 8 pattern rotating hose nozzle made up of high-quality material is also included in it. You can use this hose for a number of purposes such as cleaning your car or pets and watering the plants. Built with durable zinc alloy, the nozzle is designed for comfort. It also comes with a rubberized handle that gives the users a firm grip.

The hose is a full length of 17 feet and is super lightweight. Moreover, the expandable design of the hose makes it easy to store and use. It expands to three times of its length, building up to about 50 feet. When not in use, it will return to its actual length within a matter of minutes, enabling easy storage.

You no longer have to fight with leaky hoses that sputter water as and when the hose sees fit. In fact the double latex pipe and ¾ inches brass connector is designed to ensure that there is no leakage when using the hose. The hose is built to withstand water pressure of 12 bars and a high 113 degree Fahrenheit temperature.

The hose is flexible, lightweight and functional making it the best buy for the money spent. Even if the hose is filled with water, its 50 feet length is still easy to be maneuvered around the garden.

The Bad News

The only disadvantage with the hose is that the seal that is between the hose and sprayer nozzle might cause some leakage in some circumstances. Most of the reviews were very positive and it looks like this one could be one of the best expandable hoses currently on the market.

Overall Score (9/10)

Overall the FlexiHose Upgraded Expandable 50 FT Garden Hose is the best hose available in the market. Standing up to its words, it will provide a reliable hose that you can use for not just gardening purpose but for many other purposes with the help of the free 8 hose provided. Irrespective of the climatic conditions, the hose will be able to withstand and survive to help you water your garden without any leakage.

If you are looking for a compatible and reliable hose, then the FlexiHose Upgraded Expandable 50 FT Garden Hose is the right hose for your garden.

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