3KM Expandable Garden Hose Review

There are many hoses available in the market and the 3KM Garden hose 100 feet Heavy Duty expandable garden hose is the recent expandable hose that has gained much attention. This is mainly because of the long length that it promises to cover which is 100 feet. If you have a large garden and are finding it difficult to water all the plants at a stretch, then this is the best hose for your needs.

This 3KM is built in such a way that it will be able to extend to a length of 100 feet without any hassle. There is also a 9 pattern hose nozzle that is present which can be used for multiple purposes. When you buy the hose it comes with three pieces of the package which includes the 9 pattern sprayer, the storage bag, and the 100 feet hose. The hose is actually 33 feet in length but expands to a good 100 feet when required.

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Close Look at 3KM Hose Material

The hose is made up of high-quality material making it kink-free. When you are using a hose, you might want to use the kink test to determine if your hose is working properly. The kink test involves a sound which is similar to a kink.

If the sound occurs, the chances are that your hose will be easily breakable. Moreover, the kink will also mean that the hose is not flexible and using it will be very difficult.

3KM Tangling and Kinking

In most cases, there is an issue of the tangle that keeps the hose at the bay. Users will get frustrated trying to untangle it which not only consumes time but will also be tiresome.

This is why the 3KM Garden Hose- 100 Feet Heavy Duty Expandable is built in such a way that it does not tangle or kink. It is made with brass fittings and brass connectors. The latter is used with the on/off valve. If there is an issue with the connector, there will be slight leakage that can be rectified with simple measures.

The inner material is of latex core polyester while the outside of it consists of sheath brass fittings.


Some of the advantages that the 3KM garden hose enjoys are as follows:

Money back: This is the biggest advantage of buying a hose that belongs to 3KM. if you are not satisfied with the quality, make or performance of the product, you are guaranteed to get your money back without any issues. This way you will not lose money if you are not satisfied with the product. It also shows the level of confidence that the company has on its products. This is a huge advantage that is followed in every product that they launch.

Hose Storage Bag: You do not have to worry about carrying your hose when you are traveling. The hose is designed to fit inside a storage bag that is designed for the specific purpose of carrying the hose. Along with the hose, the sprayer can also be accommodated within the bag. Once you have used the hose, you can use the storage bag to hold it and place it away. You can also carry the storage bag with the hose wherever you wish to go.

Nozzle: The hose comes with a 9-way nozzle that is designed for many purposes. Depending on your requirement, you can choose the nozzle that you wish to use. If you are looking to bath your dog, you will need a nozzle that has a bigger hole. On the other hand, you will only need a smaller hole of the nozzle for watering the plants. This way you get the chance to choose the nozzle based on your need.

Expandable: From the name of the hose, you will be able to guess the basic function of the hose. It is designed to help reach the different corners of a large garden. Taking advantage of its expandability you will be able to go all the way to a 100 feet from the pipe of water supply.

Lightweight: The hose is also lightweight and you will not feel the difference in carrying it. Only when there is a flow of water will the hose expand to make space for the extra water flow. Though the hose is lightweight in nature, there is no compromise when it comes to the strength of the hose. It is still able to display a good strength that cannot be beaten even when it is under great pressure.


The disadvantage of the hose is that though it is useful when it is expanded, it might adapt to its expandable form and refuse contraction. The hoses are lightweight and will be expanded very often, whenever they are in use. This will slowly stop them from contracting and at one point, it will lose its purpose of being small and compatible.

Overall Score (8/10)

On the whole, the hose will be easy to use and will also make work easier for the user. You will be able to cover a large garden and water all the plants without any hassle when you are using the 3KM Garden hose 100 feet Heavy Duty Expandable.

Over a period of time with consistent use, you might face some issues with its compatibility. But for the price at which it is made available in the market, the 3KM Garden hose 100 feet Heavy Duty Expandable serves as a good hose for the gardener.

If you are looking for a hose that serves multiple purposes and is still compatible, this is the best hose that you will want to have. With its compatible size and design, you will not have any struggle in storing it nor when you are using it in your garden.

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