How to Fix a Hole in Your Garden Hose

It is usually quite easy to notice a leak in your garden hose. They will make it a point to spray the water right in your face and all over your clothes! A good garden hose is pretty expensive and the last thing you want to do is throw away multiple meters of a perfectly functioning hose just because it is ripped in a small section. That is $60 (pretty much) worth of money in the trash bin and that’s a lot of money.

At just $13, it can easily turn into a kid’s project to mend the garden hose even without any experience.

Here is a simple and cheap repair trick that will put your garden hose back to its working condition in no time.


  1. TOOLS
  • A sharp knife
  • Garden Hose Repair Kit

This simple and inexpensive hack will help you to repair a leak in the center section of the garden hose. Before you start on the repair steps, make sure you have turned off the tape so that you will not have water sprayed all over your body. Also, note that this will not work with expandable garden hoses and only work for traditional rubber garden hoses.

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Take all the tools and materials to the part of the hose where it needs repairing. You will need to cut out the damaged section of the hose on both ends so that you can throw away the section with the hole. When you cut away the damaged parts, make sure to make straight cuts using a sharp utility knife.

It is very important to make sure the knife you are using is sharp enough because a blunt knife will leave you with uneven edges and you do not want that. Aim your knife properly so that you will not have to keep cutting away on the hose till you get a straight edge. It will shorten the length of your hose. You can also use a chopping board to make it easier. It will also prevent any accidental cuts to your fingers.

Make sure you get the right repair size. Garden hose repair part designs usually differ from manufacturer to manufacturer. Do not stress if there is a slight variation in the size. You can easily tighten the screws for a snug fit.


Carefully cut out the portion of the hose that is damaged. Get a clean cut to leave the ends square.


Take the metal plug or the mender and insert the cut end of both the sections of the hose on either side of the metal plug. Make sure you insert it all the way in.


Do not worry if the hose may be a little too big for the plug. It can be fixed easily in step 5.


Put the clamps one at the bottom and the other on top of it.


Insert the screws and tighten it. Keep tightening until you can no longer feel the metal plug moving around inside the hose when you pull on it. You want to get it really tight so that it does not slip out.


Repeat steps 4 & 5 on the other side of the metal plug. Level it on both sides so that it looks beautiful.


Now attach the garden hose to a nozzle or sprinkler and turn on the water in order to test the connection.

Note: if the water still leaks out than keep tightening the screws until the water stops leaking out.

How to Choose the Best Garden Hose Repair Kit

The trick in choosing the right garden hose mender is to find one that strikes a fine balance between quality and price. There is simply no point in buying an overpriced mender. You are better off with a new garden hose instead. The quality should also be good enough to make the repair worth it. After scorching the market for the best garden hose repair kit, we believe that this one checks all our requirements.

This garden hose mender with clamps measures about 5/8 inches but can easily adjust to any size that is slightly bigger or smaller. This is meant for heavy duty construction purposes along with every day repairs. The stainless steel clamp will last for years on end even when it is constantly in contact with water. It will not only prolong the life of your clamp but also your garden water hose.

This Garden Hose Connector Alu Hose Mender kit contains 304 clamps made of stainless steel. It is resistant to corrosion and you can easily adjust it to your liking. It is a hose to hose connector and perfect for connecting or repairing lawn and garden hoses. The clamps are especially useful for mending purposes and replacing faucets.

The clamps and menders are also sturdy enough for heavy duty mending and repairing. It is also an easy DIY kit for mending torn or damaged water hoses or replacing the hose end. The sturdy and lasting quality makes it suitable for heavy duty construction work while at the same time the easy to assemble parts make it a convenient choice for every day repairs.

Another great option is the 304 EZ Clamp hose repair kit. This one doesn’t require screws and you simply just use the clamps that are provided.

You do not need a lot of physical strength to screw the clamps together, hence making it perfect if you are a single female parent or just a teenager whose parents are away for the weekend and you cannot water the garden because it is leaking.

No additional tools are needed except for a handy screw driver to tighten the clamps and the plug to the pipe. You can keep it outside all year long and the stainless steel material will still not get damaged even under severe weathering conditions.

Congratulations! You just saved yourself 40 bucks!

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