PEX Crimp VS SharkBite – Full Comparison & Differences

We had an issue regarding the plumbing system and my husband decided to do it on his own. It is hard to imagine what we went through. We had to figure out every tool to fix the issue. Additionally, we had to also make sure to not harm other parts of the system. Turns out that PEX Crimp and SharkBite are not the same at all. 

In this article, we will discuss a comparison between  PEX Crimp and SharkBite. We will explore their usability, price, and pretty much everything you need to know. 

The main difference between PEX Crimp and SharkBite is their usage. PEX Crimps are adjustable tools. Therefore, they can be used on many different types of basic connections. Yet, SharkBite is used for only specific connections. 

What Is PEX Crimp?

PEX Crimps are the tools mainly used to seal the joints. The joints are located in the water pipes. Therefore, those tools are very essential elements of maintaining the plumbing system.

The first step of the installation is to cut the pipe. The size of the cut depends on your needs. After that, put the fitting on a pipe and slide it towards the edge. It is time to use the crimp tool. Open the tool and adjust it on the end of the rings. Put pressure, so it can seal PEX Crimp tightly.

If you set PEX Crimp and it still leaks, then fittings may not be installed properly. The majority of crimps come with zinc plating. This is to avoid corrosion. Yet, sometimes, residue may build up and as a result, can cause leakage. 

What Is SharkBite?

Sharkbite is a push-fit fitting that can connect two pipes.  Installation of SharkBite is no difficulty either. Pipes that can be connected using these crimps include materials of PEX, carbon, copper, steel, and polybutylene. 

The first step is cutting the pipe, preferably with a rotary tube cutter. SharkBites come in various colors and sizes. Therefore, make sure that you have the correct one. 

Then, install SharkBite. This can be done by putting the pipe end in the fitting and then pushing on the pipe. Pushing pipe in fitting can be done with a little twisting. After that, pull the tube to once more check whether the joint is secured well or not. 

If SharkBite is leaking, then the reason can be fitting or Installation may not be done properly. Additionally, another possible reason may be O-ring compression. Check out the inside SharkBite fitting, and you will see whether the O-ring is compressed or not. 

How Are PEX Crimp And SharkBite Different?

Sometimes, plumbers use PEX Crimp vs SharkBite interchangeably. Yet, they are two different things and their usage varies too. Using the correct tool is essential, therefore such knowledge can be very beneficial.    

However, O -rings that are installed with SharkBite may compress and therefore, leak earlier. On the other hand, PEX Crimp typically lasts longer. Yet, they will do just fine for 7-10 years. 

Because of this difference, people use PEX Crimp as a long-term solution.  SharkBite, on the other hand, is used as a short-term solution. 

SharkBite is often more expensive in comparison to PEX Crimp. Therefore, if you are on a budget, and looking for a short-term solution, then PEX Crimp will do just fine. 

The average price of PEX Crimp per piece is between $0.15 to $0.40. On the other hand, a piece of SharkBite costs somewhere between $3 to $15.

As for the materials, PEX Crimps can be made of stainless steel or copper. I recommend choosing the stainless steel crimps over the copper. 

In comparison to PEX Crimps, SharkBite comes with issues regarding longevity. However, this happens very rarely. It is still considered a permanent plumbing solution by the International Plumbing Code. 

How Are PEX Crimp And SharkBite Similar?

Pex Crimp and SharkBite tools can last for a long time. Both come with excellent efficiency. In the sealing connections, both tools will work just fine. 

As for usability, some parts of the plumbing system can only work on SharkBite. Yet, PEX Crimps can also be applied in most connections. So, they can work on the same connection types. 

What Are The Advantages Of PEX Crimp?

In the long term, PEX Crimps can be efficient and work just fine. They are very reliable and can seal most connections that are found in a plumbing system. One thing you will need to pay attention to is to make sure the fittings are set well. 

What Are The Advantages Of SharkBite?

SharkBite is a tool that makes it possible to connect two pipes without the need to solder them together. SharkBite is very fast, easy, and convenient. During installation, glue, clamps, and unions are not needed. 

When Should You Get PEX Crimp?

PEX Crimp tool is essential for PEX Crimp installation. The tool makes it possible to put rings in a tubing pipe. 

When Should You Get SharkBite?

When there is a need to connect parts for plumbing fittings, it is time to get SharkBite. This tool can connect CPVC, copper, HDPE, PE-RT, and PEX pipes in various combinations. 

Comparison Table

Pex CrimpSharkBite
Price (Per Piece)$0.15-$0.40$3-$15
Usage Long termShort-term 
MaterialCopper, Stainless steelBrass