How to Fix Garden Hose Kinks

Garden Hose Kinks & How to Fix Them

kinkingMost people who own a garden hose are familiar with the dreaded garden hose kink. What exactly is a kink and how does it occur you may be wondering?

Kinking occurs when the garden hose is bent along a straight line or a 90-degree angle causing the hose to wrap at the weakest point in the hose. This of course results in reducing or altogether stopping the water flow in the garden hose.

In order to unkink it, you must first find the kink and then unbend it at that spot for water to flow smoothly again.

You can see here that the hose is bending beyond the point at which water can flow, causing it to kink. If you were to leave your hose like this for a while you will begin to notice discoloration and it will be very bad for the garden hose.

To avoid this be sure to unkink every spot you can.

Remove Garden Hose Kinks

There are ways to straighten your hose so that they kink less often. Otherwise, you can look into expandable hoses, as they tend to kink far less than normal garden hoses.

By using splints you can stop the kinking by reducing the drag on the intended area of pressure. This is just one simple way but there are several others.

When looking into a garden hose you will see that it’s round. When it becomes kinked it’s not round anymore and that’s because it is bent in half. Keeping the hose round is what we want to do if you want to avoid kinking.

A splint such as this is just a piece of plastic that can be placed over the area that tends to kink more often. Rather than bending at this point, the pressure will be released by the plastic brace.

This allows you to have an unkinked hose. Unless of course, the hose starts to kink in other places.