Forever Steel Review – Best Metal Garden Hose?

The new Amazon’s Choice metal garden hose has become one of the most popular on the market. Made from 304 Stainless Steel, Forever Steel Hose is one amazing stainless steel hose, which is highly flexible, durable, and resistant to tears.

This new stainless garden hose is made to withstand the test of time. In the As Seen on TV industry, different companies have started marketing the metal garden hoses in 2017, out of which the Forever Steel Hose has become one of the most popular and commonly used garden hoses. This is an excellent alternative to the regular rubber hoses.

Forever steel hose is a lightweight metal garden hose covered in durable and flexible stainless steel. The steel is extremely flexible and malleable because of the special fabrication techniques used by the manufacturer. It is an all-new “advanced quality steel hose” meeting a gardener’s needs.

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Ultra-Flexible Stainless Steel Hose Material

The entire hose material is made up of ultra-durable and ultra-flexible stainless steel. The Stainless Steel construction of this garden hose makes it highly durable, lightweight and kink-free.

In spite of the stainless steel material, you will not burn your hand while touching it. If you leave it outside, tie it up, or drag it around, you will never notice any change in the water pressure or its workings. The high-quality steel hose material has various advantages than the traditional rubber hoses in terms of flexibility, durability, corrosion-resistant, kink-free nature.

However, it has some issues such as the length of the hose material is very small and sometimes it gets tangled or knotted because of its material. But the material of this Forever Steel Hose is completely rust-proof, corrosion-proof, nail-proof and kink-proof.

The nickel and chromium used in the hose material make it highly corrosion resistant and completely durable giving it a longer lifespan. The pipe material looks smooth and perfect with fresh and clean water coming out all the time.

The stainless steel material is such that it reflects the rays but does not absorb any component of light. This metal garden hose is completely UV resistant and is highly impervious to the UV radiation effects.

The material has a solid outer coating making the metal very sturdy without any puncture. Even though the diameter is small in size, which is quite a problem at times, you can connect two garden hoses to make it longer as you need. The length of the material is about 50 feet and the diameter of the inner hose is about 16 mm. The liner material in this hose comes with a PVC liner.

Common Complaints

Not tangle free: Even though Forever Steel Hose claims that it is tangle free and will not get in knots, but because of its metal material it is not possible to tie in a knot. It gets tangled as easily as the regular hoses. This sometimes affects the water pressure.

Small diameter: This metal garden hose has a very small diameter due to which the water pressure is less. This limits the water flow and can only be suited for a very low volume irrigation system. Even the connector on both the ends of the hose has ¼ inch opening, limiting the water flow.

Spray distance: The spray distance of the hose does not differ much from the regular hoses. The actual spray length that the water can travel through this metal hose is not huge and is not comparatively different from the normal hoses.

Leakage: The hose starts to leak after frequent usage and fails to connect well. The joints are very poor as they make the hose leak. This leakage as the connecting ends of this hose becomes problematic. Hence, it is suggested to tape the watering of the hose in the open position to make sure that the pressure does not back up in the metal hose.

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Is This the Best Metal Garden Hose?

Being as it’s Amazon’s #1 pick, this might be the best metal garden hose on the market (According to Amazon at least). Let’s take a look at some of the good things people are saying:

Strong: The Forever Steel metal hose is as strong as armor, with its solid outer metal coating, which makes it very sturdy.

Easy portability: The 50-foot length of this hose weighs only about five pounds, making the hose completely lightweight and you can easily carry it around. Light weight and flexibility of the metal hose ensure that children, aged people, or anyone with wrist problems can easily lift it and carry it around the yard. Flexibility ensures that you can turn it, twist it, or crimp it, without causing any damage.

Durability: The Stainless Steel garden hose is highly durable such that you can pull it across sharp edges in your garden, or wrap it around a cactus, or even run it over with your car. The hose material has chromium and nickel in it, making it highly durable.

UV resistant: This metal hose is highly resistant to the UV rays so it does not become heated when exposed to the sun. You can touch it all the time without burning your hands. The material will not expand or contract when it is exposed to the sun, preventing regular wear and tear.

Rust free: The metal hose is corrosion and rust resistant and the nozzles and other attachments will not corrode or become rust with time.

Overall Rating

The Forever Stainless Steel metal hose works really well and is an excellent alternative to the regular hoses in terms of functionality and durability.

It is high UV resistant so it can be used in the hot climate; however make sure to not leave it under the sun for a long period of time then it may burst. It may work in the cold weather condition also but there are chances that the water will freeze in extreme cold temperature and the hose might need some thawing to return to its previous shape.

The hose does not work for hot water. Make sure not to leave it unattended when in use. It is better to store it in a shade in a cool area after drying when not in use.

Score: 9/10

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