Metal Garden Hose Review – The Original

The metal garden hose is similar to the expandable garden hose but is incased in 304 Stainless Steel – 18 Gauge. It is very FLEXIBLE a lot more so than I thought it would be.

While it’s not #1 in our list of metal garden hoses, it’s close to the top. It’s a bit overpriced, due to the popularity and their are other metal garden hoses, such as the Bionic Steel which are half the price and seem to be the same kind of hose.

It reminds my of the little hose that comes out of a sink sprayer but it’s made of metal. Weighing in at about 5 pounds, it includes a plastic nozzle that can be replaced with any other standard hose nozzle.

1st Pet Proof Garden Hose

Possibly the first ever pet proof garden hose, the metal garden hose can be bitten, run over by a truck and trampled on by a horse. Truly this is one of the most durable garden hoses on the market. By adding stainless steel to the exterior of the tubing it makes it virtually bulletproof.

A regular expandable hose will break a part if it’s bitten by a dog.

This might be the best thing about this garden hose. You don’t find a more durable hose that can be pulled across thorn bushes and be bitten by animals and not break.

The fact that it’s made of metal means you are never going to get a hole in it. After reading hundreds of reviews I am yet to see anyone that has gotten a hole in their metal garden hose.

Will it Rust?

Metal Garden Hose Reviews

One of the most common questions with this garden hose is, what will happen if you get it wet and it stays outside for months or ever years? The stainless steel 304 is designed not to rust.

This was possibly why it took so long to create the metal garden hose because you think that it would be prone to rusting and damaging.

UV Resistance Prevents from Sun Damage

You will notice that many garden hoses once exposed to direct sunlight will change color or begin to warp.

The stainless steel exterior prevents UV rays from penetrating the interior tubing, which allows it stay in good condition for a long time.

With expandable hoses, they use a fabric to cover the interior latex. The fabric will not block all UV rays and in time the interior tubing will get damaged by direct sunlight.

Metal Garden Hose (50') Original Rating
  • Hose materials - 304 Stainless Steel – 18 Gauge
  • Length - 25 / 50 / 75 / 100 Feet
  • Weight - 5.86 pounds for 50 feet
  • Complaints? - Leaks near the connection for the water. Higer Price
  • Warranty - 12 month replacement
  • Water Flow Speed - Slower than most rubber garden hoses


The Original metal garden hose has great review on Amazon and I don't see what makes it different from the other garden hoses. I'm not sure if this is the original but all of the other metal garden hoses share similar properties. They are dog chew proof, horse proof, weather resistant and UV resistant. A very good hose if you need it to withstand the elements, you won't be replacing this garden hose anytime soon.