Flexzilla Garden Hose with Swivel Grip Review

Flexzilla has been one of the big name brands in garden hoses for several years now. Sold by Legacy Manufacturing Co, the FLEXZILLA is one of the toughest rubber garden hoses on the market. The inner material is a premium hybrid polymer that is drinking water safe.

The outer layer of the Flexzilla is a PVC polymer rubber with plastic, designed to handle harsh conditions. It has a standard 3/4 in. diameter like most expandable hoses, which allows for about 150 psi – 165 psi., which is the an average amount of water flow pressure.

The hose fittings are made of aluminum-alloy and dyed green to fit the color of the hose. The aluminum-alloy is very shiny due to the added layer of anodizing which protects it from the elements and many other things, similar to the metal garden hoses.

It reduces the risk of fusing the hose fitting to the faucet and prevents corrosion. This added anodizing not only prevents corrosion but it adds a stylish glow to the end of the garden hose that you won’t get any any other hoses.

When looking to see if a hose is drinking water safe, I like to see the NSF/ANSI certification. For the Flexzilla I couldn’t find it so I dug a little deeper to find the ecocenter.org Flexzilla health and safety Report.

Ecocenter tests the quality of the water from many different garden hoses and I try to look on there first before buying one to see if there are any major health concerns.

However, just because the water is high in chlorine, as is the case here, that may just mean that the tap water was high in chlorine . There is no way the garden hose can add chlorine to the water.

The flexzilla was found to be high in Phthalates by ecocenter which is not a good thing. When making plastic tubing and PVC, phthalates are used to soften the material. On hot days this material can get into the garden hose and into your water.
When you spray this onto your plants, of course you are getting the Phthalates onto your plants, which is not good.
Flexzilla Premium Hybrid Polymer Garden Hose now features SwivelGrip female & male fittings.This is designed to make a comfortable handle for you to connect garden hose nozzles and other hose attachments. The gripping surface makes it very easy to tights even it’s wet.
The swivel grip design makes sure that it doesn’t leak at the faucet when you connect it and from all the reviews the swivel grip seems to be the best way to avoid water leakage.
HFZG550YW – Flexzilla Garden Hose HFZS550YWS – Flexzilla Garden Hose featuring SwivelGrip HFZC550BRS – Colors Garden Hose featuring SwivelGrip
Color ZillaGreen ZillaGreen Brown Mulch
Hose Length 50 ft. 50 ft. 50 ft.
Hose I.D. 5/8 in. 5/8 in. 5/8 in.
Fittings 3/4 in. – 11 1/2 GHT 3/4 in. – 11 1/2 GHT 3/4 in. – 11 1/2 GHT
Hose Material Flexible Hybrid Polymer Flexible Hybrid Polymer Flexible Hybrid Polymer
Weight 8 lb. 8 lb. 8 lb.
Warranty Limited Lifetime Limited Lifetime Limited Lifetime
Flexzilla Garden Hose with Swivel Grip
  • Working water pressure - 150 PSI
  • Performs in Hot and Cold climates
  • Weight for 50 pounds - 8lbs
  • Warranty - Limited Lifetime Replacement
  • Hose Material - Flexible Hybrid Polymer
  • Kinking Complaints


The Flexzilla is designed to be extremely flexible. It’s made from lightweight, flexible hybrid polymer and has a PSI of 150. It weighs in at 9 lbs for 50 feet of hose and features a swivel grip handle, allowing you to attach hose nozzles and sprinklers easily. Overall the reviews for this garden hose are excellent, with many loving the color, flexibility, and design. It is also rated “Drinking water safe” Manufactured with FDA sanctioned materials.